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Dr  Thomas Nabity (sized)Thomas Nabity, Jr. MD

I joined Michigan Neurology Associates in 2009 with the goal to provide comprehensive pain management including advanced interventional (injection) pain therapies for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain conditions. While I feel that goal has been largely accomplished, I find a significant percentage of my patients stuck in the management phase of their disease rather than repaired or cured of their pain. I share the disappointment with these patients, when I knew there was more that could be done to help them without undergoing major surgical procedures. With this in mind, I began researching stem cell therapies, platelet rich plasma injections, and prolotherapy, treatments which have generally come to be known as Regenerative Medicine.   I felt the science behind these treatments was very strong, and the patient population they are intended to treat matched perfectly with the patients I was trying to repair and cure of their pain rather than simply mask their symptoms with band-aid-like treatments.

Regenerative Medicine therapies are designed to harness the body’s ability to heal damaged tissues by isolating the damaged structures and injecting them with an agent that can stimulate controlled growth and tissue healing. Regenerative therapies are excellent choices for patients who have structural damage and would like to avoid surgery, have failed surgery, or are not good candidates for surgery. In order to provide the most state-of-the-art treatments in this emerging and rapidly evolving area of medicine, I have decided to partner with one of the industry’s most recognized experts, Joel Baumgartner, M.D. and his clinic Rejuv Medical out of St. Cloud, Minnesota. Utilizing the knowledge Dr. Baumgartner has gained since he began offering these treatments in 2009, I am confident my patients will benefit from the best evidence based technologies and treatment protocols available in order to obtain optimal outcomes.

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