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Brian Yonka, MFS

Medical Fitness Specialist

I received my introduction to fitness and nutrition while serving in the US Army. Honestly, I saw fitness as punishment for the first two months I was in Basic Training. It hurt; I couldn’t do that many push-ups, I couldn’t run that far without having to stop, because I was coughing and out of breath. Then it got easier, I was able to run farther and faster, to drastically increase my push-up and sit-up counts, and to eventually not feel as sore. Surprisingly, I noticed how great I felt, how much better I started to look, and how my confidence had increased.

However, it wasn’t until after I got out of the service that I dove into weight training, supplementation and the importance of food nutrition. I wanted to push myself to be bigger, stronger and faster than I had ever been. As a child I grew up admiring Superman; I wanted to be strong and to help people. It was part of the reason I had joined the military in the first place. What I started my training, I thought it would be a breeze and everything would happen overnight because of the training I did while in the service. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My first time in the gym was almost my last time. I saw guys my size lifting 2-3 times more than I could. I was frustrated and discouraged, and I thought about just giving up. Instead I decided to change my approach to fitness; I researched supplements, workout plans, and proper food nutrition. I implemented the things that worked for me and disregarded the things that didn’t. Before I knew it, I was breaking through barriers I never imagined I could. It was the best feeling in the world, or so I thought.

As the results of my personal fitness plan became more obvious, my friends and coworkers even patients started asking for tips and advice. I began to train and advice people. Eventually, I wasn’t the only person reaching my personal fitness and nutrition goals. My clients were losing weight, running farther, and lifting more weight than they thought possible. In addition to their physical transformations, my clients smiled more, were excited about their health, and continue to be more confident. Their confidence and success empowered me and continues to drive me every day.

I felt like Superman after I accomplished my own fitness goals; however, nothing can compare to watching my clients succeed. I realized that my greatest strength is being able to help people improve their health and build their confidence. A true superhero improves the lives of others, and I plan on doing that each and every day.

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